Our IT consultancy services

We aim for being not just a classic outsourcing/outstaffing company, but a reliable partner that adds significant value to your business by providing professional consultancy on custom web and mobile development.


Consulting on the best choice of technologies
Application architecture design

Your application architecture should be agile enough to quickly respond to new business requirements and sustain competitive advantage.

We can help you to overcome the challenges and create truly future-proof solutions, based on micro-services and modern application architecture.

BE environment health check

Modern web and mobile applications are smart and interactive, and they require sophisticated integrations with enterprise tools and systems.

If you face any issues with your application performance, we can make deep analyses of BE architecture and suggest measures to improve performance.

DevOps best practices

We have crafted our own approach to continuous integration and work with such leading DevOps tools as Docker, Jenkins and Teamcity to save up to 90% of efforts on automated deployment and server support in the projects.

We can consult with you on how to apply a container-based approach to effectively manage the end-to-end view of applications and eliminate potential issues during the development process.

Software development project management

We clearly understand that you expect high-quality solutions delivered on time and within a budget, regardless if the requirements change on the run.

We use Agile (Scrum or Kanban) for project realization and consult on how to eliminate process-related barriers and enable steady progress, flexible development, and timely results.


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