The lockdown at the starting of the second quarter this year has fulfilled our long-craved wish to stay home, doing nothing. But this sudden phase has made us well acknowledge the importance of work in our lives.

As per the recent studies, about 120 million people lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis. Lucky are those who still can hold the tag ‘working’ along and blessed with their full-fledged salary.

With most offices shut physically, the ones who are working are also not the ones able to work conventionally. ‘Work from home’ is the new mantra that has ruled the world, and will be a new normal, soon.

But with this idea exciting most employees, there are many loopholes in the new mantra such as mentality of being home or staying lethargic, family related work or frequent disturbance from the younger members of the house, and the list is never-ending. Justifying work thus becomes another task.

So the question is how to fulfill the expectations of your employer working from home?

Well, that is not something hard to achieve. The following points will help you perform your tasks and achieve it getting done on time:

Make up your mind – Your mind may start being a boss as no one is there to eye on, but this may make you your enemy at work. Formulate your brain to realize that simply the workplace has changed, but the work is still the same. Try to accept the changed scenario and adopt a new working environment.

Acquaint about the home-office to the family- With the work from home atmosphere yet not prevalent in India, your family may take your job lightly, and regular intrusions or gatherings may become a routine task. Reveal them about your work and responsibilities and ask them to help you work without any disturbances.

Don’t change your Mornings– Wake up at the same time as you used to while the world was at its usual pace. Shower up, take your breakfast, and get on to the laptops at the same time as the dedicated office hours. Spoiling the routine may hamper your work and make your boss upset.

The ‘Home’ office – As in office, schedule your day with all the tasks pending as well as assigned. Use apps like Google Calendar for creating reminders to accomplish all the tasks on time. Do not take a break anytime from work, and if urgent, do not miss to inform your seniors and colleagues.

Pick a workplace – Make sure to choose a permanent peaceful place in your abode. Also, do not keep on changing the workplace as doing that may be full of distractions as well as lethargy. The area should be at such a location where there are the least possible distractions, so that you can concentrate more.

Perceive your productive time – The work motivation generally keeps fluctuating during the day. Everybody has different time perspectives to deliver their best at work. Working from home is another aspect influencing the motivation to an extent. Determine the best time to perform productive tasks, and utilize the remaining time to working on the shallower assignments.

Stay connected – As the work from home makes the regular conversation a miss among employees and employers, use technology to keep in touch with your co-workers, also keep them updated on tasks. Instant messaging and video conferencing are two things that are turning to be of great help in this time of the pandemic.

Say no to ‘Social Media’ – Frequent notifications from social media are a great way to hamper the concentration on work. So make sure to logout from your social media from your devices, also you can make use of ‘Incognito’ browser to work better.

Put more work to list – As you calculate and estimate more time to accomplish a project, so should you put out more to your work checklist for the day. This way, you will be mentally prepared to work on more projects, resulting in more output for the day. Moreover, even if you are not able to achieve all the tasks, you will still end up working more for the day.

Take the right break – Take your breakfast and lunch as per the time which you got dedicated to during the regular office hours. Also, whenever you do so, make sure to stay away from the workplace that you have created at home.

Music can help – Lyric-free music can not only help concentrate more but also can help you to energize and pace better at work. You can also use it as a timer to accomplish a task. So, set up your favorite kind of music in the playlist and use it for work.

Decide the finish time – A great work-life balance is just another notion while working from home. You may work too less, alternatively may even get much caught up with work. Decide the schedule for the day and give the full-working hours as demanded by your job role.

Wrapping up

Work from home can be exciting if planned and worked upon properly, and a nightmare if unplanned. So, make sure to stay motivated and deliver the work expected by you on time to ensure a smooth working and maintaining the efficiency at work.